by Jack Miller

A simple solution for better looking listings

Most agents and many brokerages do a poor job of showcasing their featured properties on their website, either because they depend on IDX feeds for their own listings, or because their featured property display is not ready for mobile/responsive layout. Often, the broker has higher resolution photography and video that isn't promoted via MLS, or additional, non-MLS remarks that they could use for positioning the property for SEO. Further, many small brokers lack a direct feed solution for national portals like Zillow, Trulia, and others. Finally, brokers lack a way to syndicate their featured properties to other co-operating brokers directly.

Create a free wordpress plugin that enables brokers to create excellent, mobile-ready, photography and video-focused, mobile-responsive featured property pages.   The upsell (see business model below) is to allow the broker to directly syndicate to portals for a small monthly fee, and also to receive statistics and data back from the syndication feed.   Additional pay for features would include:

  • Branded and non-branded virtual tour property web pages for use with MLS
  • Ability to syndicate peer-to-peer with other brokers to have a pool of "broker-to-broker exclusive" listings
  • Reporting on display of listings (views, visitors, leads)
  • Integrated caching on CDN (content distribution networks) for fast loading of higher resolution photography and property videos.
  • Google/Bing/Yahoo network notifications of featured listing content so the broker taking the listing can more effectively capture address based search traffic on the listing.
  The underlying technology would be a peer-to-peer network that allows syndication of listings broker-to-broker or broker-to-portal. This syndication would also be able to include display templates supplied by the syndicating broker, so that display on other broker sites could be controlled per the agreement between the brokers that are participating in syndication.   The peer-to-peer network would be akin to "Napster for real estate listings".   Property search features could be added later in order to build a more complete property search solution.

Basic plugin is free. To use the additional syndication, peer-to-peer features, and additional displays (MLS virtual tour compliant featured property), CDN, and search engine notification would be $49.95/month.

BetterListings, and BetterListings Pro


  1. Jack,

    We should talk, might be able to collaborate. Will share my thoughts with you. You can e-mail me ( or message me on facebook (we are friends there).

  2. This isn’t currently available, and it is something I would love to see happen. My clients are all building their own solutions for this, and I think it’s something we could put together well and use over and over.


  3. This would have come in very handy while we are building out our new custom site. I had to pay a programmer to set up a custom post type to do this and it still isn’t perfect but hopefully will do better than most. I think Jack should design it himself:)

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