by Anil Reddy

Double down on consumer education about real estate

These days consumers are inundated with information and it often gives them a false sense of knowledge about their transaction. It even leads them to think they can find their own home by browsing national portals and close their transaction on their own. In the process, they start questioning the value of Real Estate professionals. For professionals, it becomes a daunting task convincing consumers they should take professional help.

Educate consumers about all the steps involved from the beginning to closing the transaction. Make it transparent and show them a thorough, easy to understand and interactive flow chart. Once consumer gets in contract with professional, same flow chart can be used to provide timely information about what is done so far and where the transaction is at the moment.

Create an App for Agent-Consumer interactions. It can have many functionalities but for this particular business problem, it will have the ability for Agent/Broker to create flow chart and customize for every client/consumer. Flow chart can be generated dynamically based on Broker template for common transaction types and can be customized as needed.

Informed Consumer

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