by Sherry Chris

A new platform for real estate ideas

There are so many innovative ideas within real estate from the people who work in the field and struggle with the tools and platforms of yesterday. These ideas are mostly stuck inside of these practitioners' heads. While their ideas are innovative, agents and brokers are not always in a position or have the resources and development knowledge to turn these ideas into solutions. This is a big loss for the real estate industry.

Create a website where members of the real estate industry can post ideas as well as contribute to others' ideas that have been posted for one purpose only - to bring ideas to the forefront and create conversations around innovation for real estate people by real estate people and share these ideas for everyone to indulge in.   This is based on the "leave a penny, take a penny" theme.   Ideas would be posted by people who have no interest or ability to build the ideas on their own but instead, want to offer the idea up for no other reason than to share it with the industry.

In its simplest form, ideas that are submitted will be reviewed to ensure they fulfill our mission prior to being posted on the site. Once approved, ideas will be posted on the site. Ideas can fall into several categories:

  • Prospecting
  • Technology
  • Service
  • Recruiting
  • Out there
The most important aspect to the site is that it serve as a warehouse for ideas - a place where everyone with ideas and those who are looking for ideas to come, contribute, and share in a conversation about making real estate better.

Idea Shed


  1. Hi Sherry,

    Great site! I have a suggestion…

    What do you think about making another page called something like “What’s Working”, “Successful Idea’s” or “Ideas That Work”, etc? This would be an area where agents could post ideas that are working for them under the same type of categories; Prospecting, Technology, Service, etc. It would essentially become a one-stop site that would allow agents to submit ideas and get ideas from. Just my 2 cents… Your thoughts?

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